Junction City

Entertainment & Fun in Junction City

Geary County Historical Society Museum

Junction City, KS has much to offer as a community.  There are multiple opportunities for sight-seeing, family fun, and outdoor activities, and shopping that will keep everyone happy.  The information below details what suits your situation perfectly!

Outdoor Activities

Rock Springs 4-H Center located just south of Junction City offers camps, conference facilities, and educational activities.  The camps can include, but are not limited to horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, archery, and Frisbee golf.  Give them a call at 785-257-3221 to check availability and schedule your fun event!

Heritage Park is located south of the historic downtown; it includes a Civil War Arch, State of Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1st Infantry Division, Memorial, and the Junction City/Geary County Law Enforcement Memorial.  Heritage Park is also the host to many community events, including the famous Sundown Salute that spans multiple days celebrating the 4th of July.

Historic Junction City

While Heritage Park is a great place to visit and spend time with community events, there is also historical value in this park.  The Vietnam Veteran’s wall is stunning!

The C.L. Hoover Opera House was originally built around 1882, but was unfortunately stricken by fire in 1898. The building was rebuilt and used by many businesses including one of the movie theaters. The community worked diligently to completely restore the original beauty of the building. The work began in 2003 and it re-opened in 2003.

Geary County Historical Museum provides educational tours of pioneer life in the area.  The museum is located in the old Junction City High School and is not far from Heritage Park. The walking tour of the downtown area is fun and educational.

Shopping Opportunities! Come join us soon and be sure to visit Gatherings on the Prairie, R/C Hobbies, Magnolia’sand more, to acquire that perfect reminder of your downtown tour.