Appreciate all your support and business this summer and fortunately for all of us the housing market in Manhattan remains steady to strong.

Just a quick note about some items that are causing agents and Buyers stress in regards to getting closings completed:

1.      Not bringing your spouse to closing.   More and more we see lenders only putting one of the spouses on the loan.   Buyers are then assuming that the other spouse does not need to attend the closing, only to find out that the lender has put the spouse on certain loan documents.   If you have a situation where one of the spouses cannot attend the closing, call our office to discuss!

2.      Not bringing a cashier’s check or certified funds.    Again some lenders and buyers are just unaware that Kansas law requires them to provide us with a wire, cashier’s check or certified funds.

3.      Not having proper identification.    This problem is growing by leaps and bounds.   As a rule your buyers need to have current state issued drivers licenses, US passports or Military ID’s and in many cases the lender may require a second form of ID.   Also the ID should match how the lender has the buyer listed on the loan and that should match how the buyer is listed in the contract.